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FULL STORY on officer injury in Friday’s Earlville Post

Mutliple media outlets have reported that an Earlville police officer was seriously injured while pursuing a fleeing motorist last Saturday. Only The Earlville Post has the full story, which will appear in the Friday, April 16 edition, available at the Earlville and...

Moderna Vaccine at IVCC on April 14

The LaSalle County Health Department has announced that because of concerns raised about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, "The COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic on Wednesday, April 14, 2021 at Illinois Valley Community College will continue as scheduled, however Moderna...

Earlville Police Officer Seriously Injured

An Earlville police officer was seriously injured in a crash near the intersection of East 9th Road and U.S. Highway 34 Saturday night, during the pursuit of a fleeing Chicago woman, who has later arrested by LaSalle County sheriff's deputies after she crashed her...

Papers Delayed This Week

The Earlville Post may be delayed this week because of a production problem. If you do not receive your paper on Friday as usual, it should be delivered on Saturday. We apologize to our subscribers for the problem.

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